Monday, January 19, 2009

Dishing on Target Clearance - an extra 30%

Yes... get an extra 30% off of clothing and shoes. They are trying to make room for new merchandise and their winter merchandise has been sitting lately. So, with that said, they have added an additional 30% off of whatever the current mark downs are.

So, if you have a dress that was originally $24.99, clearanced for 50% -- which is now, $12.49. But take it the register and they will manually key in an additional 30% off of that which now makes it, $8.74. So, ostensibly you saved 65% off of the original price. The real bonus is getting a clearance item for 75% off and getting the additional 30% which will make your savings actually, 82.5%.

Many people want to take the 50% and add the 30% and make it 80% but it is the 50% off of the original and then take an additional off of the clearanced price which will be in between 80% and 50%.

Either way, great deals on kids shoes and kids clothes. I was able to walk out the store with dress shoes for $2.82, tennis shoes for $3.00 and a beautifully lined party dress for $8.74. I could not complain and perfect for my daughter's father/daughter dance.

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