Friday, February 27, 2009

The Dish on Chick-fil-A Specials at Howell Station (Duluth)

Chick-fil-A at Howell Station (Peachtree Industrial and Pleasant Hill) is starting March Madness! We have a special offer for customers for every weekday in the month of March! Make note of each daily special.

Mondays - Church Bulletin Day: Bring in your church bulletin and receive either a Free Chicken Biscuit with purchase of Hashbrowns and a Drink, or a Free Chicken Sandwich with purchase of a Medium Fry and Drink.

Tuesdays - Say Good Morning with a Chicken Biscuit: Buy one Chicken Biscuit, get one Free! Limit 5 biscuit purchases.

Wednesdays - Healthy Appetites: Free Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich with purchase of Medium Fruit Cup and Large Drink. Offer valid during lunch hours only (11-2).

Thursdays - Nugget Lover's Special: Buy a 12-count nugget meal, and get a Free pack of 12-count nuggets! Offer valid during dinner hours only (5-9).

Fridays - Free Cheese Friday: Try cheese on your Chicken Biscuit or Chicken Sandwich and its Free!

This is a little out of my way but some of deals are worth the trip. I also find that the me driving over to Duluth for some of my errands and then filling up on gas is actually worth it. Last week, I was pumping gas at 1.95 for Premium (1.65 for Regular) and it was 2.18 in Alpharetta (1.88 for Regular) so, the savings was worth it. Got the cheap gas, got cheap food on the go, and got cheaper stuff in Gwinnett. Sometimes, I think they charge more for people living in Alpharetta/Johns Creek because of the perception that we are all rich over here. Unfortunately, I am one of those people bringing down the average.

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