Friday, February 13, 2009

Dishing on the benefits of Costco's Executive Membership

As most of you know, I am a huge fan of Costco, Target, Kohl's, Dillards and Publix. Today, I am going to promote the Costco Executive Membership which is another $50 on top of the annual dues. Which makes it $100. However, the benefits outweigh the initial shock of paying $100 for an annual membership. Considering if you don't get $50 in cash back savings you can ask for a refund. But if you are like me and spend a great deal of money, period -- this is the way to go.

The executive membership cost $50 to upgrade and provides 2% Cash Back on Costco purchases. If the 2% CashBack doesn't add up to $50 at end of the year, go to the counter and they'll refund you the difference. This makes the executive membership practically risk free.

Known executive membership benefits:
- 2% cash on Costco purchases
- Free Auto/Home insurance benefits* Free Roadside Assistance* Home Glass Repair Reimbursement Benefit* Home Lockout Assistance* Lifetime Renewability
- Mexico Auto insurance: Extra 10% off
- Auto loans: Additional .10% off rates
- Boat/RV loans: Extra $50 costco card
- Check ordering: Extra 20% off
- Identity protection: $2 off monthly
- Capital One Banking: Additional $40 when opening account
- Trading: Extra 15% transaaction charge rebates
- Roadside assistance: 41% off compared to gold member prices
- Discount off Business services

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