Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Dish on Chuck E Cheese

Another one of my favorites.

I can go to CEC for less than $20 usually and that includes drinks, food and 100+ tokens.

Keep in mind my kids eat like birds and I am the pig of the family. And even with me being the pig we still do fine.

10 cents a token ... use the attached coupon to purchase 40 Tokens and get 60 Free. This expires 06/05/2009.

If you have decent grades you can get up to 15 tokens free per report card.

Buy Hi-C ten pack and on specially marked packages you can get 10 tokens free. (upto 3 may be used at one time)

Fill out one of their rewards calendars and receive 10 free tokens per child. (limit 1 Rewards Calendar per child per visit)

So for $10, you may purchase 100 tokens, receive 10 for rewards and 15 for good grades. Include the 30 free from Hi-C and you have 100 + 20 for Rewards, + 30 for Hi-C and that is 150 tokens for $10. And I didn't even include the good grades rewards another potential of +30 tokens. However, that can be used only once with each report card.

Then I purchase a small or medium pizza and a drink to share.

If you have a bigger group, use their coupons that they have easily available online or use the coupon here for 1 Large Pizza, 40 game tokens & 4 large drinks for $18.99.

You can get almost 200 tokens, 1 Large Pizza and Drinks for under $30. The kids can play for a good 1 - 2 hours and sanity is restored.

See you guys at Chuck E's in the summer. I'll be in the corner with earmuffs and reading a book. ;-P

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